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If you're searching for a steady stream of new customers - customers who are ready to buy exactly what you're selling, there's GREAT news in store for you!

For many businesses - those customers are searching for the products and services you offer online. 

However, if your web site doesn't appear on the first few pages when they search- chances are you'll never know they're searching and they'll never find your web site or your business.

In order to get a steady stream of new customers from the web - your business has to appear on the first few pages when they search.  If you've tried to get your web site listed there - you know it's a long, time consuming process and in many cases - you need the long term services of an expert in search engine optimization.

What if there were an easy way to get your online business listing located front and center when prospective customers were searching for your business? 

You'd be interested - right?

What if I told you that not only can your business be listed front and center - but that listing - for now - is completely free!

I'm guessing that you'd be asking -"What's the catch?"

The only catch is you have to know where to go and what to do to claim this listing.

This page one business listing is not  only free – for now – but it’s going to become much more valuable as more “smart phones” - cell phone that access the web - hit the market.

These free business listing were CREATED by the search engines to be triggered when someone in your area is looking for YOUR business.

When customers search the web for local products and services, the search engines call this local search.

Local search is free online advertising that appears on the first search page when a customer searches the web for the products and services your business offers.

Not only is local search truly free (for now) – but it’s possibly the most EFFECTIVE FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING AVAILABLE.

You don't have to know SEO (search engine optimization) or  SEM (search engine marketing) or PPC (pay per click advertising) or any of the other "alphabet soup" web terms to get your business in front of customers who are searching the web -either on their PC or their cell phone- and are ready to buy what you're selling!

In case you didn’t think it could get any better – it does.

Unlike most things on the internet – this effective free online advertising is also RIDICULOUSLY EASY FOR ANYONE TO USE!

If you have an internet connection, can click on a link and can use a keyboard to enter information into a form online, you have what it takes to claim your free online advertising.

So to recap- local search listings are:

  • free (for now)

  • easy to claim, edit and use

  • effective and powerful advertising


If your business has maintained ANY KIND of business listing in the yellow pages  – then you probably have more than one of these local search listings online waiting to be put to work for your business right now!


What could be better than free, easy AND effective?  Believe it or not – your business probably has more than 200 of these free listings.  (Don't worry though - you don't have to claim each and every one of these listings - there are only a few that actually appear on the first few pages of a prospective customer's search.)

Since you have a handful of these powerful local search listings, that means more ways for more new customers to find your business!

If you act quickly you can gain a HUGE advantage over your competitors.

Once you have control over your local search listing – you can easily add, edit and correct essential directions to your business.  In a few cases, you can even create online coupons to bring even MORE new customers through your front door!

If you're thinking that this must be difficult - it's not. 

Taking control and editing this instant page one web presence is ridiculously easy!

If you’re a new business and your listing hasn’t appeared in the yellow page directory yet – there’s no need to fear.  Getting your business listed in these online local search directories is ridiculously simple to do.

While you may not have done anything to get this powerful web advertising – you do need to take action to CLAIM it so you can put it to work for your business.

That’s right – if you haven’t claimed your local search listing – in all the essential local search giant directories – then each one is literally up for grabs!

Until you claim your listings –

anyone can lay claim to them.

If there's any bad news about your local search listing - this is it.  In the rush to get every local business listed online - the search engines have made it so easy for you to claim your listing that it's equally easy for someone else to claim jump one of these free listings.

Because these listings appear on the coveted first page of many searches -they are VERY valuable - and vulnerable!

Fortunately, claiming them is easy and once you do – you can expand your listing to act as a powerful page one web presence for your business that will provide prospective new customers with not only  directions on how to get to your business, but also other essential information.

Think of all the information contained within your yellow page ad listing.  Now imagine that you could add color photos, video and even customer testimonials to that listing as well. 

Now imagine that you could easily edit and change all this information with just a few clicks of your mouse. This describes your listings in local search.

Not only can your local listing provide turn by turn directions to your new and existing customers – but on some sites you can also add video (of the television ads your business runs), color product photos - and in a few cases - free business building coupons to encourage new customers to do business with you!

But only if you claim EACH of your essential listings.

Opportunity is definitely knocking.  Will you answer the call?

Back in the 1990’s – smart business owners began grabbing simple domain names for their businesses.  Today, those simple domain names alone are worth a small fortune.

Today – smart business owners are claiming their local search listings – and in some cases - giving themselves a huge advantage over their competition.

This is literally the opportunity of a lifetime – if you know where to go and how to claim each of your local search listings.

This is streamlined guide is written in easy to understand "English" for business owners – not computer geeks.

You could spend weeks researching local search and you'll find that there are over 200 local search directories scrambling to win the local search game.  Meanwhile, only a handful have what it takes to actually deliver results for your business. Claiming and managing over 200 listings would be a full time job in and of itself.  You need a way to identify the handful that are worth your time and energy to manage - and have the potential to make a positive impact on your business.

If you have a suite of software tools commonly used by SEO professionals installed in your web browser, you could easily tell which local search sites are worth your time and which aren't.  If you don't have these tools installed in your web browser, then you need the Business Owner's Guide to Local Search. We've done the searching and sorting for you - so all you have to do is point and click to claim your listing.

Other resources you'll find offer the "opportunity" to pay a yearly fee of $99 per location to submit your listing to several hundred virtually worthless local search directories.  Even worse, if you have more than one location - you'll be billed $499 per location.

Once you've paid, and paid and paid - then you'll have to wait up to two months for your listing to appear - and even then the most valuable listings will still not be officially "claimed" by your business.

It's not a matter of WHETHER you should claim your listings.  YOU MUST CLAIM THEM!  If you don't, your competitors or even a scam artist might - stealing what may be one of the most potent forms of online advertising available for your business.   

The question is - how will you find and claim your listings? 

You could search on your own and hope you are able to stumble upon the most important local search directories.  

You could choose to pay a search engine optimization professional to search for you.

OR you can pay $9.95 to pick up your copy of The Business Owner's Guide to Local Search and invest as little as an hour of your time to claim these valuable listings for your business.   Not only is it easy to claim these listings but you'll be in COMPLETE control of the local search listings that matter. 

Most local listings are still unclaimed but the lucky business owners who are smart enough to claim theirs are finding it’s easy to rise to the number one position within these local search listings.

If you don’t know where to go or how to start to claim your free local search listings with each of the top local search providers – you need  the quick and easy step by step guide to claiming all of your valuable local search listings.

For just $9.95 – you’ll get step by step instructions on exactly how to claim your local search listing with each of the top local search sites – one of which recently emerged from Beta but whose results are being used by Google for their local search maps.

This simple information shows you how to quickly and easily claim the most important and vulnerable of your free local business listings.

You'll pay MUCH MORE for automated systems that don't deliver what you really want - online local search listings that WORK for your business!

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for inclusion on hundreds of local search directories that never reach page one of the search engines!  You also don't need to pay for someone to submit your business to these listings.

The hardest part of claiming your local search listing is simply knowing where to go to do so. 

The Business Owner's Guide to Local Search gives you "point and click" ease to take you DIRECTLY where you need to go to claim your listings.

This is your opportunity to jump to the front and put miles between you and your competition.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search has been created in digital format.  That means you only have to click on the links in the digital document to go directly the local search sites to claim your listing.   The Guide warns you when you have to register – and what you need to do to make sure your claim to your listing is complete.

Claiming your local search listing is ridiculously easy.   The hardest part really is knowing where to go to claim them.

Get your easy to follow, step by step instructions delivered instantly and digitally by clicking the button below.  You'll pay using Paypal - which means your financial information will be secure. 

As soon as your purchase is complete – you’ll be able to instantly download this valuable resource.

All this for only $9.95 - that's less than 10% of what than you should expect to pay for a one hour conversation with a search engine optimization expert. 

Oh - unlike your conversation with the search engine optimization expert - when pick up The Business Owner's Guide to Local Search, you'll be able to understand what you need to do and be able to easily put this information to work for your business.

Click the button below to pick up your copy today.


Opportunity is knocking…. are you willing to answer?

Claiming all of your local search listings is incredibly easy and might take you less than an hour to claim them all - that is if you know where to go.  

The Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search allows you to simply “click” on the links in this digital document so you can quickly and easily claim your local search listing with the major search engines and other local search major players without wasting your time chasing down hundreds of sites that are not worth your time.

One of the major search engines offering local search (featured in the Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search) has made claiming and editing your listing fairly difficult.  You’ve seen their ads on television – promoting their search engine as the answer to “search overload” – and while local search listings appear prominently in this search giants results – finding the URL to claim and edit your listing is difficult for even the most experienced web user.

However, the Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search makes it easy to find the entrance to this hidden lair.

All you have to do is click on the link and you’ll be magically transported to where you need to go to claim your listing.

Another rising star in local search isn’t following the traditional path of trying to get on page one of search engine results.  Instead, this rising star is partnering with local media outlets – and providing local search seamlessly inside these media outlet web sites.  This local search giant fits so seamlessly inside the media web sites that you might not recognize their local search listings are the ones appearing in the results.

While this local search player doesn’t come up in the first few pages of a traditional “search” done via the search engines – tens of thousands of people have already started searching for and reviewing businesses on this site - and it only recently emerged from beta!   Since this local search directory is partnering with media web sites, your customers may begin searching for local businesses after they’ve caught up with the local news online.  If this local search directory partners with a media outlet in your area, it's essential your business is listed in this directory.

Getting listed with this up and coming search player may be the most important listing you claim – but you won’t find the link to them via their competitors … a.k.a. traditional search engines like Google.  You will however get a quick and easy link to this up and coming local search player in the Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search.

At $9.95 - the Business Owner's Guide to Local Search is a fraction of the initial cost of the automated local search submission sites - and with the Business Owner's Guide to Local Search - there are no recurring fees and you'll end up with COMPLETE control of this valuable resource.


Get your easy to follow, step by step instructions delivered instantly and digitally by clicking the button above.  As soon as your purchase is complete – you’ll be able to instantly download this valuable resource and put it to work claiming your page one local search listing for your business.

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